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Welcome to Forum for Social Studies (FSS)

The Forum for Social Studies (FSS) is a non-government, non-profit policy think tank registered as an ‘Ethiopian Residents Charity’ under Ethiopian law. It is dedicated to the cause of independent research and providing a forum for informed public debate of development issues and policy initiatives.

Its work is guided by the conviction that enhancing the public-decision makers interface on key social and economic issues can foster a democratic tradition of public debates as well as promote a transparent, participatory and all-inclusive policy making and implementation space.

Public Policy Dialogue on Youth and Khat in Ethiopia
Public policy dialogue on Taxation Laws and Policies
Poverty and Its Mitigation in Ethiopia: Role of the Ethiopian Civil Society in Poverty Reduction.
Public policy dialogue on the delivery of Telecom Services in Addis Ababa
FSS launches new dialogue series on poverty and its mitigation in Ethiopia
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