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Welcome to Forum for Social Studies (FSS)

The Forum for Social Studies (FSS) is a non-government, non-profit policy think tank registered as an ‘Ethiopian Residents Charity’ under Ethiopian law. It is dedicated to the cause of independent research and providing a forum for informed public debate of development issues and policy initiatives.

Its work is guided by the conviction that enhancing the public-decision makers interface on key social and economic issues can foster a democratic tradition of public debates as well as promote a transparent, participatory and all-inclusive policy making and implementation space.

Catalogue 2016
Role of Private Sector in the Development of Tigray Regional State
Yegojachin Weg Radio Program : Green Economy. Part II
Yegojachin Weg Radio Program : Green Economy. Part I
Yegojachin Weg: Land landlessness and poverty part 1
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