FSS launches new weekly radio program to disseminate results of research on state of female wage labour in Ethiopia

FSS has launched a weekly radio outreach program to be transmitted through Radio Ethiopia National Service of the Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporate (EBC) to disseminate the results of research it conducted on the state of female wage labour in three economic sectors in Ethiopia.

The radio programs which will be on air for the next 13 weeks based on  key findings of a two year research project titled “ The State and Transformation of Female Wage Labour in Ethiopia: The case of Textile/Garment Industries, Flower Farms and The Hospitality/Service Sectors”. The project is being implemented  by FSS with financial support from the then Open Society Initiative for Eastern Africa (OSIEA), now named Open Society Foundation (OSF).

The radio programs aim at educating and raising awareness of the public and informing policy makers  on key findings relating to the wage and benefit packages, rights and the conditions under which women and girls work in the textile/garment, flower farms and hospitality sectors in Ethiopia.

The first episode of the thirteen weekly radio programs which provided background information, and the content and objectives of the radio programs was aired today (Wednesday, 21st of December, 2022) between 9:30 – 10:00 PM through FSS’ weekly radio program Brand Yegojoachin Weg (የጎጆአችን ወግ),

The dissemination component of the research project includes six half-hour TV documentaries scheduled to be televised on ETV’s Entertainment Program, and another six newspaper articles to appear under FSS brand Column ምርምር ለልማት on The Reporter Amharic newspaper.

A publication containing the full research reports from the two-year field research, is also under preparation and will be disseminated in due course.

Moreover, the radio, tv and newspaper media products will be uploaded on FSS’s official website:  www.fssethiopia.org, You Tube and other social media platforms after they have been aired and published.

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