Program Objective

The FSS Publication Program is aimed at disseminating the Forum’s research findings to a wide spectrum of readership to raise awareness and facilitate informed policy/decision-making, generate debate on key development issues and engender further research.

Publication Policy

FSS’ publications are primarily the outputs of its research and public dialogue programs. Occasionally, FSS publishes scholarly manuscripts submitted to it by independent researchers. Generally, works produced under the FSS research report, monograph and book series are published after they have been positively assessed by peer reviewers. Copyright over the works published by FSS is often shared with the authors. FSS does not pay royalty to contributing authors since about a third of all copies of an edition are distributed free of charge to key stakeholders, including major public and research libraries in the country, while the remaining copies are sold to members of the public at subsidized minimal prices to recover part of the printing cost.

Publication Types

The range of FSS publications includes the following:

Policy Briefs


Consultation Papers

Discussion Papers

Research Reports





Distribution Centers

FSS distributes its publications both within and outside Ethiopia. In Ethiopia, FSS publications are available in Addis Ababa at the following addresses:

  1. FSS Head Office (see address on web site)
  2. Universal Bookshop (Arat Kilo, opposite the Science Campus of AAU)
  3. Addis Ababa University Book Center (Main Campus, Sidist Kilo)
  4. Book World (at its various branches in the capital)

Outside Ethiopia, FSS publications are distributed by African Books Collective (